Nick Meijer, a short introduction

Nick B. Meijer MSc. MC is a Dutch Management Consultant with an office in Etten-Leur, located in the south of The Netherlands.

Originally, he operated under the name of Meijer & Associates. While working under the name of Meijer & Associates, he executed projects for the European Union, the World Bank, ESCAP, Interamerican Development Bank and other multilateral organizations.

At the moment, Nick Meijer mainly operates as a boutique consultant, where the personal relation between consultant and client is notably important. This does not mean that he no longer works for these multilateral organizations, but rather that the main change concerns the personal relationship between client and consultant, where it has become more important than the bureaucratic processes. For him, the quality of the service is more important than the formal project report. And while people are important and instrumental, it is the results that count. The formalities are met, where they play a role, but for Nick Meijer the most important reward is the satisfaction of the client.


On a regular basis I publish articles one a diversity of subjects, but all related to strategic and business planning.


The OTISM Strategic Planning Model is a revelation due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

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